ricardo campello

 Ricardo Campello is actually a Professional Windsurfer and a true Waterman , His talent and dedication  has given him 3 World Championshipswindsurf campello

 He is currently active competing and fighting for another World Title . Ricardo was the inventor of over 30 maneuvers in windsurfing and is one of the most radical Windsurfers out there . 

He has never really been into the photography world but since the Drone generation came out one of his hobbies was to fly his drone everywhere he goes and project his videos and photos to his followers on social media.  

 He was born in Brasil but since 12 his family moved to Venezuela , the love  and passion He has for this country is so real that he represents Venezuela in Every event he competes and loves to show you the Beauty of Venezuela true his Drone and Camera .

 Here you will find Venezuela's most beautiful places as well as his favorite places around the Globe

 We do Hope you enjoy his work !

windsurf ricardo