Campello Wind Experience Los Roques - 2024


Have you Dreamed of actually do your favorite Wind Sport in Heaven? Well now it’s time to make it a REALITY !

Well this is my favorite peace of Heaven on Earth, it’s like as if you were dreaming, it’s one of those places you have to visit at least once in your life!

Los Roques is a beautiful archipelago of Islands situated approx. 80 miles from La Guaira (Venezuelan Coast) it has over 300 islands and sandbars, the water is as blue as you can get and the sand is powdering white, a truly paradise.

We want to show you and sail with you in my favorite paradise , between islands and if you are lucky enough to get waves, we can go to the waves!

I’ve been going to Los Roques for the past 20 years and I want to take you to my favorite spots around the Archipelago cruising on your Windsurf, kite or Wing foil.

Our experience will include pretty much everything you need, except your flight from Home to Caracas – Home . Once you arrive to Caracas all you need to do is check in for a 40 minutes flight to Los Roques (I will have a person waiting for your at arrivals to help you check in)! then Welcome to Paradise! (you might stay one night at a hotel in Caracas depending on your arrival to Caracas (Extra charge for hotel).



To windsurf in Los Roques is a big privilege and very special, not many people does it as it is very limited to bring windsurfing gear over there, you can only bring windsurfing gear by boat as the airplanes are quite small. This is a big advantage, you can chose to windsurf either on flat water, choppy and sometimes even on some waves if you are lucky enough.


This sport have endless options, learning from scratch with one of our teachers, perfect your upwind in the shallow crystal waters, jumping over the sand cays, surfing the waves, or by doing the local famous kite safari through the coral reef. Be aware you may not want to stop until it gets dark, but keep calm your crew has you covered.

Los Roques has hundreds of spots to kitesurf and again, you can enjoy all kinds of blues and even see come marine wild life while you kite!

Wing foiling

It is really a wing foiling Paradise, you can cruise around the islands on your own as its always protected and on the outside barrier it’s a perfect place to do downwinders and ride the wind swell!, there are lots of shallow places but the water is so clear that you can see the shallow waters with your own eyes, but the group will have a guide to make sure you go in the right direction.

Our Experience will Include:

  • Flight to and from Los Roques From Caracas

  • Accommodation: 21st to 28th of November (8 days and 7 nights)

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner (provided by your Posada)

  • Rescue Boat

  • Boats to the beaches

  • Beach Caddies

  • Beach Refreshments

  • Trip Videos and Photos

  • Event Lycra

Windsurfing Equipment
• Kite instructor to supervise
Windsurfing instructors
• Winging Supervisors
• Kite Equipment windsurf or Wing

(if you opted for classes or to get equipment)
• Snorkel equipment in case of no wind Days
• Sup Boards (in case of No wind Days)
• Beach party at the end of the event (drinks might not be included)



Price x 8 days 7 Nights:

Posada Malibu: 3988 $
Posada El Canto de La Ballena: 4200 $ Posada Ranchito Power: 3188 $ Posada Gremary: 2910 $
Posada Play: 3258 $
Posada Caracol: 3783 $
Posada Villa Caracol: 3438 $

If you have over weight you might have to pay extra excess baggage, remember the airplanes are very small and limited.

Hotel in La Guaira (in case your flight arrives Late in Caracas).

Extra charges


If you are a kite beginner or your companion wants to learn! we will gladly assist you for an extra charge.

Prices based on Shared Room

In case of single room let me know to give you the right price as posadas chares differently.